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 Bonding and Coating Solutions for Industry

 EuroGluePartner offers a wide range of unique top quality  products from world class manufacturers in order to provide industrial customers with the best bonding and coating solutions. 

 Composites are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from Wind and Marine to Aerospace, Construction and General Industry.  The selection of the best substrate is becoming increasingly important. EGP works closely with leading suppliers of high quality substrates in order to offer an optimal adhesive - substrate combination.

 Due to our many years of experience, we are able to provide superior sales, customer service and technical support to our customers. We communicate frequently with our suppliers to have the most up to date products and  technical information available.

 Our mission is to become your source for bonding and coating solutions and we want you to stick with the best.


 Our markets include:

Marine and Composite

  Spray adhesives, light weight honecomb panels, PET and PVC panels, antifouling paints, top coats, epoxy resins, structural adhesives, solvent replacement technology offer a complete range of products for the wind and marine industries as well as other composite applications.

Customers using vacuum infusion technology are seeing the benefits of our spray adhesive specifically formulated for that process. The unique cross-linking features insure that the adhesive does not interfere with the infusion process.







  Spray adhesives, structural adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, cyanoacrylates, and sealants, solvent replacement are all used in the transportation industry. Sandwich panels are becoming ever more popular in the transportation industry by reducing weight in trailer panels and truck cab construction.


  Spray adhesives, silicones and polymers, solvent replacement contribute to the design and construction of efficient heating and cooling systems.


  Spray adhesives, Structural adhesives. Silicones and Polymers, and Tapes can be used in many phases of the construction industry. Sandwich panels made of various materials are also found in many construction applications reducing weight and increasing flexibility.





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General Industry

 Spray, Structural, Anaerobic adhesives, and Cyanoacrylates as well as Tapes play a key role in the general industry including outdoor and indoor signage.



  Conformal Coatings, Masking boots, Coating equipment, Solvents are key in the electronics industry to provide high quality and reliable performance.


Spray Adhesives, Cleaners, Structural Adhesives have many applications in the woodworking industry including cabinet making.

EGP Services Group

  The EGP Services Group provides customer support and outside services in addition to our adhesive program. Our staff can take over the stress of arranging travel, seminars, or relocation.  An experienced childcare staff is available for short term and long term child care in the home.


Please enjoy investigating our web site for more product details. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving your needs.


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 Our Supplier Partners: 

TensorGrip Adhesives
Double Sided Tapes
Bottom Paints



Conformal Coatings
Pro and Prep Wipes, Solvent Replacement
EMC2 Engineered Marine Coatings


Structural, Fusion Bond, Anaerobic

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